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Originally Posted by BiGGieStuFF View Post
how long do you leather users keep your grip on there on average? I'm asking the ones who use the leather w/o the overgrip on it.
A leather grip is probably good for at least a year. I used to go through synthetic grips, like the DuraTred, after about six to eight hours of play. I hit my forehand with my thumb crease right on a bevel and the synthetic grips would start coming apart right at that point. I have about eight or nine months on my current leather grip and the leather in that location is just darkened but otherwise fine. The grip overall is a bit more slippery than it used to be when new, so I'll probably replace it soon.

I've tried some leather care products like Lexol but it seems to swell up the leather a bit and I didn't like that. This swelling seems to go down after a couple of days so only if I'm not playing for a while will I put some on. It definitely seems to help by increasing the tackiness a bit and making the leather a bit softer and more pliable.
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