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Hey PCMD - not utterly sure, but pretty sure that Head makes Gut over there (at the very least, Head is paying to place that smaller Head stencil at the bottom of the strings) - but a question better posed to those who may know, maybe in strings. The old message board is down, otherwise I'd paste a link to a thread.

The response I quoted is from a friend of mine and former/occassional TW poster (who's French, we played in Paris), a former iPrestige 600 user, and whose stringer dealt with Gasquet's frames. I'm no stringer, but that's the best info I've got...

As for another look at Gasquet's frame... check out this link from a challenger, 2003.

Had to nose around online a bit to find it, but at this clean angle, it photographs like that distinct, slightly elongated Prestige 630 head shape. Hawaii, he very well may have a Radical 630, as it appears to be in that yahoo link, I certainly don't know for sure (I don't know what he had before the iPrestige 630 if that's what he's got), but for my $.02 I'd reckon it's the angle of that gladiator style, double fist pump photo that is making that beam look wider at the top...
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