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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Dan Maskell ranked Doris Hart as Nr. 10 on his all time ranking list. She had a sound, very stylish game, despite a severe handicap. I think because of polio, one of her legs was shorter than the other and a bit stiff. Most people rank Brough highest because of her Wim wins. Du Pont was one of the best doubles player in history. I think, she won a major mixed with Fraser, as late as in the 60s. All had problems on and off the court with Connolly, who was taught by her mentor Teach Tennant, to hate all rivals.
When did Maskell do that ranking?

It is interesting you say Connoly had friction with this group of women. I was mentioning how it seemed funny this quartet of greats of the time, if you include Fry, all played doubles together, and the year in Australia 2 went (usually none went) but not from the usual doubles combos, the other 2 just paired up and played together even though they were expected to meet in the singles final. So Connoly I guess was completely outside of that group.
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