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Default The USTA rating system and self-rated players

Yes, this is another thread about USTA and the rating system. Especially the self rating part. This is my third year of playing USTA and I'm still at the 3.0 level. The frustrating part is how self rated players are allowed to play at a level way below their ability. Yes, the computer will catch them and bump them up but In some cases it's not until after the season. So, we are the ones who had to play them and next season it's a continuous cycle. More new 3.0 self rated players.

I have numerous examples of this but I'll give my last match as example. My wife and I played mixed doubles this past weekend at the higher 7.0 level and won. I had to play with a different partner 30 minutes later at the 6.0 level and she has a great record and will probably be bumped up to 3.5 at the end of the season. Watching our opponents warm up I was confused for a minute that this was the 7.0 but no this was the 6.0 match and this should be 3.0 players. The lady could play a solid 3.5 and the guy well, I'm not exaggerating he could play 4.5. He had angles, spin, top spin with more speed then anyone I have played against. His serve was deadly and never double faulted and he had a kick serve so strong
that the only time I have seen this was against one of the club pros at our practice. My partner never was able to return a serve. She got hit by one of his returns at net and she could barely use her hand. Lucky it was her tossing hand. Today I found out she went to the doctor and her thumb was broken.

I knew he had to be a self-rated player and afterwards I looked him up and sure enough he was and the men's team he was on just played in districts where he went 5-0. Yet he hasn't gotten bumped. You would have though he would have three strikes by now.

The USTA wants to promote and increase their membership but they have no clue why so many people get frustrated with the system and quit. I wonder if they will ever understand that their system needs fixing. On the opposite side of this is seeing players getting bumped up when they shouldn't and aren't ready for the next level. I wonder if all the levels are like this or just the lower level like 3.0? Thanks for letting me vent.
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