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This weekend I am playing 4.0 doubles in a tourney and I looked at the competitors and two 4.0 guys I have never beaten and I have won all my 4.5 matches this year so I am a very strong 4.0. Why haven't these two other guys been bumped up already? One used to be 4.5 but asked for a medical exemption and has since been hiding out by playing doubles where the scores are closer but he still wins most every match even with a weaker 4.0 player. These guys won't play 4.5 because they would win a fair share there and get bumped up. The system is screwed because it allows for too large a range of players within one level and doesn't bump people up fast enough. It should be more fluid and allow people to move down more quickly too. Every one should find their level within about 10 matches or so.
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