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Originally Posted by aidenous View Post
The frustrating part is how self rated players are allowed to play at a level way below their ability. Yes, the computer will catch them and bump them up but In some cases it's not until after the season. So, we are the ones who had to play them and next season it's a continuous cycle. More new 3.0 self rated players.
That stinks. Kswiss (or ultimatetennis) has solved that problem this way: If a loss against a first-season player who was "playing down" prevents you from moving up, you get to move up anyway. It also works the other way. If a win against a first-season player who should have been playing at a much lower level allows you to be bumped up, you don't have to go. You can stay at the same level.

An extreme average margin of victory or defeat is what determines if a first-season player was not at the appropriate level. Pretty good system.
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