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Originally Posted by volleyman View Post
It can cut both ways. This year, a self-rated player on my 4.0 team got bumped to 4.5 and DQed by the computer after the last match of the season.

My team won its group at Districts, and then, in the finals, surprise, surprise, found ourselves facing several "computer-rated" 4.0s at least as good, and in two cases, better, based on what I saw, than our guy who got DQed.

So, the all-infallible computer (remember, there is no appeal for a computer DQ) either erred when it DQed my teammate, or it erred in allowing those other guys to keep playing 4.0. Not that USTA would ever admit to such a thing.

Don't get me wrong - I like the NTRP system in general. It, or something like it, is necessary. And I understand that having the computer handle the heavy lifting of determining rankings is necessary.

What I object to is having the computer be the sole authority, with no human oversight. It's obvious that the black box logic is flawed, and that the computer is being successfully gamed.
I think what is happening is for every 5 or more players who are under-rated the computer only manages to catch one of them. So a lot of us are happy that it managed to at least catch one of them, although the rest of you are going to be unhappy because obviously it's going to be inconsistant.

You can blame the league for that, for every kink the rule they made to get people moved up, they add another recourse because some in the league are worried that too many people will get moved up.

This is because in the beginning of DNTRP the league wanted to claim that somehow "people dont mis rate themselves" and they wanted to believe that the league wasnt really screwed up at that point.

I think it's much better now. It's never going to be perfect but in the past the only people that were happy with it were the teams that happened to win every year. It's just more obvious and annoying now because you can easily see what rules people are trying to avoid to get around it.
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