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Originally Posted by aidenous View Post
Does anyone remember if it was better before the self rating was put in place?
Depends on what you think is better.

Im in the camp where I think that there are a lot of under-rated players out there (in the Men's League) and now some of them are getting rated up. In the past, nobody rarely got rated up.

(worse yet was the team that usually moved onto the next level never lost any players, and your 2nd or 3rd place team that happened to beat a few of their players usually would lose a player or two)

It's definately not perfect, but you can tell they are slowly (SLOOOOWLLLY) trying to tweak the rules to make it better.

The self rating system changes every year. It's nowhere near fool proof but it's definately better than 2 years ago. And they have been making slight adjustments in the rating formula every year that either moves certain people up faster, or moves certain other people down.

The worst aspect of the system in my opinion is the joke of an appeal process, but I heard a rumor that they are at least going to stop people who make it to their District Championships from appealing next year.
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