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Originally Posted by Ace View Post
Look, for all you people complaining about playing matches that are too tough..... I have the exact opposite complaint.

Self rated people who rated too high, or people deciding they need to "play up" when they can barely win matches in their own rating!
I have had a ton of crappy boring matches this year, and its sucks having to pay for it!

Look, everyone.....If you are not DOMINATING your own level....PLEASE....Stop pulling down the level don't belong!!!!

Its one thing if you are doing extremely well at your own level and need more competition, but play "up" just for the sake of getting more matches in? Come ON!!!

I can't attribute this to the USTA rating system....but to people with no common sense. I WISH I played a few sandbaggers once in a while.....

By the way...I am playing up as well, because I am winning all the matches at my own level....and for the most part, have been winning easily there too, except for two "at level" rated players, one killed me, one was a close match. No, I am not playing below my level, these people are losing all their matches and still think they need to play up.

PLEASE send me a sandbagger!

(I would propose that the USTA give a + rating to someone who's rating is high enough that they should be allowed to play up, and not let anyone else play up)
Sorry but this doesnt make a whole lot of sense. Are you claiming that every player you played at your own level was rated too high since you won all of your matches?
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