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Originally Posted by Ace View Post
I am claiming that I am a 3.5 player.
I just got bumped up from 3.0 at the end of last year, so believe me, I am no sandbagger. I started from scratch, as a 2.5, and stayed there for a year because I sucked so bad.
Because I did well playing up at 3.5 last year, I am playing 3.5 and 4.0 this year.
When I play a "rated" 4.0, I lose.
I've only played two 4.0s. One killed me, one was at least competitive.
The 3.5's I have played in this 4.0 league are losing their 3.5 matches pretty badly. I don't think they should be playing up.
I feel, that since I am doing well at 3.5, it is ok for me to play up.
But the 3.5's that are getting killed by other 3.5's do not belong playing 4.0. I'm talking about people that lose most of their 3.5 matches 6-1, 6-2....WHY would they need to play 4.0?

I'm not complaining about people playing "at level", I am complaining about people playing "up" that aren't doing well against ANYBODY at their level (not just against me). Those people should not be playing up.
I actually have had a little more competition against the 3.5's playing 3.5 than against the 3.5's playing 4.0.
I see. I guess I'll believe that you are not one of the sandbaggers then. (you know the ones who are rated too low, clobber everyone and THEN complain that everyone else is rated too high)

When I first created my 3.5 team, we had 8 3.0 rated players (7 C's and 1 S), and only 4 3.5 players (2 C's and 2 S's), and we managed to take 3rd place in our division, and by the end of the year, the 3.5 / 3.0 ratio on our team basically flip flopped. So Im kind of defensive about silly rules that keep people from moving up.

But I agree with a lot of the 3.0 teams / players that move up to 3.5 dont have the same experience.

Although I dont mind yet since there are not a lot of them in our league yet. It is possible to have a 3.5 player skillwise who is losing matches in league play just because of lack of experience and these matches give them a good shot at getting that experience. (the sudden confidence boost)

What I hate about our league is that it seems that most of our teams are either of one type (the super sandbagger teams), or the other (super wimpy 3.0 teams) and there gets to be fewer and fewer average teams.
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