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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
A few quick words in defense of those of us who play up . . .

I can't get behind the idea of restricting who can play up. There is already a natural barrier to having Truly Horrible Players playing up: captains. If you really stink, a captain won't take you or won't play you unless to avoid a default. (I am guessing, Ace, that you'd prefer to beat up on a weaker player than show up to find out the other team is defaulting your court).

And what would you do with players like me, who Stank The Place Up in 2006, got some lessons, and play much better in 2007? Should I be prevented from playing a level up (as I did) because I didn't earn a "+" based on my abysmal 2006 results?

Lastly, in our area a significant reason people play up is lack of matches at their rating level. For spring 2007 3.0 season, my team got 5 matches per player with 17 women on the team. That's not much. Since you aren't allowed to join a second team at the same level to get more matches, your only option is to play up. (Or join a team in a far-flung locale).

Maybe they should let players compete on more than one team at their level, with the stipulation that they cannot play for either team against the other?

Cindy -- who doesn't mind beating up on 2.5 players at all

1. I might prefer getting a default rather than paying to play a crappy match, when I have friends I could be playing/practicing with for free.
2. Nobody should be defaulting at the last minute anyway.
3. Lack of matches isn't a good excuse. You can always find people to play with, it doesn't have to be "USTA".
4. Captains aren't keeping people from playing up. What we see is a crappy player decides to captain a team, because a good captain won't let them play, they create an entire team of crappy players. AND we see a lot of 3.0's that are too "proud" to play their own level, they would rather tell everyone they play "3.5", even if they are getting their butts kicked every match.
5. Thats ok, when I was a 2.5 and my first year of 3.0, I thought I should be playing up too....I shouldn't have, I sucked. I realize that now. If I got bumped up to 4.0 this year, I would definately NOT "play up" at 4.5. That would just be silly.

Also, I agree with Javier that some people SHOULD play up. But you should have some sort of idea if you are that person or not. I knew because I played a winter club league against some of our better 3.5's and started winning most of my matches. Eventually I will become a 4.0, and when I am doing very well at 4.0, then I will know it is time to play 4.5....but not "just because I can".

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