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Originally Posted by volleyman View Post
If you are winning 80% or more of your matches, especially singles matches, against at level opponents (e.g., a 4.0 playing other 4.0 rated players) year after year, assuming you play a reasonable number of matches a year, then you should get bumped up. That will catch a good number of sandbaggers with adversely impacting the average player.

Yes, those are tough numbers to crunch.But all the data is already in the computer, so doing the calculations shouldn't be that difficult, right?

Actually, I'd be happy if they just added a human review to the computer-process. Have the computer identify people for review, based on winning percentages, for example, and then have a committee review the player's history. That would catch, for example, guys who manage to get bumped down on medical appeal, who then, after their injury heals, spend the next several years dominating at the lower level and managing their game scores to avoid being returned to where they belong.

There also seems to be an inclination in favor of keeping people at too high a level, instead of bumping them down to a level where they'd be competitive.

For example, there's a guy who plays in NC who has lost every contested match he's played, and he plays a lot, in the last 4 seasons, save for a lone 7.5 combo match back in 2004. He's taken some real beatings over the years. Yet, the computer still insists he's 4.0.
He probally is a 4.0. Unless we could look the person up, Im going to have to assume that.

You can lose every match in a level and still belong to that level, it happens. Talk to any decent tennis teaching pro out there.

You could be playing a position that you dont belong in (like playing #1 singles, which means playing the best players on most of the teams).

Or even more likely is the doubles phenemenon. There are all sorts of factors that can go wrong in doubles which will cause you to lose matches in your own rating. (bad partner, getting stuck at #1 doubles against the sandbaggers on the other team, etc....)

I find it interesting that most of the people who hold this view only look at singles as if somehow League Tennis is just some sort of singles challenge latter or something. The majority of players end up playing doubles which is a whole other ballgame.

I proved it on my team, out of my 8 3.0 players, a few of them used to have 3.5 ratings, and just were not in the right situation on their current teams and had a few horrible seasons and were rated down to 3.0. With the right partner and put in the right position, they won most of their matches on my team and were rated back up to 3.5.
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