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Originally Posted by amarone View Post
I assume this comment is made based on the incorrect belief that benchmark players are some sort of standard for a level. A player is a benchmark if s/he has been to district playoffs or beyond irrespective of how good they are or what their record is. That is because benchmark players are used to correlate rankings across different regions. To do that, you have to use players who have actually played players from other regions.

If you use local players as a benchmark, how are you going to correlate across regions to ensure a consistent national standard?

I also want to make clear to those who don't understand yet: your "record", or wins/losses DO NOT affect your rating in this system. Your rating moves according to the dynamic rating of your opponent in relationship to yours, and the computer knows by what type of score you are supposed to win or lose to another player. For example, I am a 3.5 B (benchmark) which means my dynamic rating is actually around 3.8/3.9. I can beat 3.0's by a score of 6-0, 6-1 and my rating won't budge no matter how many of these type of wins I acheive. I can also beat 3.5's below my dynamic level without moving as long as the scores are not more than about one break per set. Here's the best part: I would have to have at least 3 lopsided victories against other 3.5 opponents to even get ONE strike against me because the computer also takes into account a good-day/bad-day scenario. You need THREE strikes to get DQ'd from your level, or bumped (if you are computer-rated). This is why you see players who continually win year after year and never get moved up. It is true, however, that if you win any matches at the championship level (regionals or nationals) you will almost certainly be moved up for the following season. I actually went to nationals last year, but lost both of the matches I played and never got bumped. Every other player that won at least one match got moved to 4.0. Since the fall season started last October, my match record is 17-1, but am in no danger of being bumped unless our team goes deep in the playoffs again.
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