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Originally Posted by MaximRecoil View Post
Thanks for the reply. After reading it I did a search on the Spalding Smasher, and it looks like it was the first aluminum racket, introduced in 1968, is that right? I found an ad on eBeigh from 1969 for one, and it looks the same except the throat bridge doesn't have the "S" integrated into it, but I guess that's something they put in later. I also saw one with a plastic bridge on another site, so they must have made this model for a while, with various changes along the way.

I may be able to copy the stringing pattern from that 1969 ad, but it is kind of hard to see in some spots. Any idea what the tension should be? 50 lbs. or so?
You're right, the 'S' was added to the throat piece in later models--it was only a cosmetic thing. If I'm not mistaken the ones you saw with plastic throat pieces were mid-size models that were the last ones manufactured. I can't help you with regard to the recommended string tension though.

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