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Originally Posted by Capt. Willie View Post
Wow a Spalding Smasher Where did you find this?
I got it about 12 years ago. My aunt was helping her neighbor clean out her attic and she found two rackets up there, a wooden TAD Davis Professional in nice shape and no warpage, and this Spalding Smasher. My aunt's neighbor didn't care about them, and my aunt knew I played tennis so she asked if I wanted them. I restrung the Davis racket and tried it out because I'd never hit with a wooden racket (aside from the first couple of times I tried tennis when I was 7). It was quite fun to hit with.

I cut the old blue and white striped (and loose and dead) strings out of the Spalding, taking a mental note of the pattern, but I never got around to stringing it, and eventually I forgot the pattern and wasn't playing tennis at all for quite a while, so I've never hit with it.

I just finished stringing it tonight. I went with a one piece stringing, 18x18, skipping hole 9 on the mains, 50 lbs. It looks about right to me -- Link.

I'll probably try it out tomorrow. The grip size is right for me at 4 5/8" (a boxier shape than I'm used to though) and the leather is still in good condition.
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