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All things, that can distract an opponent. Stalling, mocking, arguing, screaming, spitting, even throwing sets and matches. Often a bit childish. Once he played a Wim doubles with Connors with a bowler hat or with an umbrella. Sometimes he screamed at line judges and umpires, they should call him Mr. Nastase.At Bournemouth against Panatta, once a match was halted for an hour, due to his antics. At USO he almost got into a fight with German Pohmann, called him Hitler. Another time at USO, in an infamous match with McEnroe, the umpire Frank Hammond disqualified him, but, as a riot rose among the crowd, the decision was corrected by the tournament referee Talbert. Between him and his close friend Connors, a bitter conflict started, when Connors told him (falsely) in a Las Vegas match, that his mother had died in an Rumanian earthquake.
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