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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
As much as it looks "solid", I'm fairly certain that it is an extruded aluminum like most others. Pulling off the butt cap would tell you for sure. I dont recall ANY rackets made from solid metal in that day.
You're probably right. The beam the frame was made from looks, feels, and has a heft to it that indicates a solid beam. But, if it is hollow (don't really want to take the butt cap off -- if I'd have thought of it I could have pulled out a grommet [they are all individual] before stringing and looked in there), then it is pretty thick-walled stuff compared to other aluminum rackets I've used. Either way, the racket has quite a heft to it, and a very solid feel when hitting the ball.

I had a cheap Wilson Rally when I was a kid, which was light, thin aluminum and that thing was like a tuning fork when you hit the ball.
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