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I find it incredible that people think Lendl made the most of his limited talents. Come on.. what does he have to do to be recognised? He certainly made the most of his talents. Limited? He's certainly up there with the best in the open era.

19 grand slam finals.. winning 8 of them. As someone pointed out he was in 8 consecutive US open finals winning 3 in a row. Also won 3 French and 2 Oz opens.

This is a guy who really understood what it was to be a tennis great and dedicated himself in an all out bid to become Wimbledon champion (and be one of a handful to win all 4 GSs) and drilled himself until he could actually play a serve and volley game though this was to end in heroic failure (in that he failed to win Wimbledon).

What else.. 270 weeks at No 1. Only Connors and Sampras can compare. 94 career titles.. don't think many can claim more.

The only flaw that could have been levelled against him is his relatively poor hit rate for winning GS titles bearing in mind he was in 19 finals.

Oh and one last thing about limited athletic ability? This guy is good enough to be a scratch golfer despite coming to the game late. And there was one occasion where a pro golfer was bouncing the ball on the clubface (in a pro-am tourney) wherebouts Lendl started bouncing his ball on the grip.
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