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Originally Posted by sruckauf View Post
I notice you have some lead on your POG Mid. I play with the same stick and have been considering adding some heft to my frame. Would you mind sharing how much lead you've added, where in position (it looks like it's a little higher up in the hoop) and if you've added any more in other places. (like in the handle to even out the balance)

Nice string choices btw.

Thanks much.

I have 4 grams at 10 and 2 o clock and 4 grams at around 8 and 4 o clock on the racquet face. I switched to the POG Mid around 2 weeks ago after using the n90 on and off for 2 years....I found my groundstrokes and serve are alot better with the POG mid but the biggest part of my game volleys were a bit off...I added the lead and have found it volleys 10 times now finding I volley even better with the POG mid and lead tape. I also wanted to get the swing weight up a bit as I like a heavier swingweight. It seems that lots of POG users are adding really helps. Give it a try...whats the worst that can happen?

ps what string setup you using?
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