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Default Tournagrip is the best, well at least for me!

I think Tournagrip is the best absorbent overgrip out there, my palms sweat like crazy during the summer (I live in Florida), and they even sweat a lot during the winter, and tournagrip has been the only grip that I can play with, I have only had the grip shred on me once and this was due to a bad batch and I play around twice a week at my college, I called Tournagrip and they are replacing the batch. People are right that it doesn't last as long as other grips, however the good thing about the grip is that you can turn it around since most people don't play with both hands on the racket most of the time --of course you use it for the two handed backhand. The bottom part of the overgrip gets wet faster because your dominant hand is always grabbing the racket so you can turn the grip around and extend the life of your tournagrip, doing this makes the grip last awhile. I used to use the Prince No Sweat and some Head overgrip but they are no match to Tournagrip. If your hands sweat a lot THIS IS THE GRIP FOR YOU, if they don't you can try a grip that is more tacky. I will be trying other grips in the future though. If you guys know of a grip that is even more absorbent than Tournagrip please post it, thanks
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