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Thumbs down You are referring to seller "htazn15"

My original post was deleted by the board moderator, only after it was complained by the seller, htazn15. The reason for that was because I included his shipping address on my post. I didn't want to make any accusations, but at the same time, I tried to warn others from what appeared to be real "strange" requests from this seller. Below is an example of his many requests that didn't make any sense at all to me. Looks like he has some explaining to do. Here is his payment instruction (minus the actual shipping address now!!):

Payment instructions:

overnight to :

saint louis, mo 63134

Don't include any notes with your payment except a note with this code on it and nothing else. b0013

On the spot where is saids c.o.d or used for write in the following code: >b0013 and nothing else

The reason I want you to overnight is because I will be leaving on a trip soon and I want to make sure you get the rackets.
And for the code(b0013), I'm helping my friend who is a powerseller on **** to process payment for him. The code is kind of like a reference number since I get many money orders and can't keep track of all of it.

Btw, he has a "lifeline telephone" so you can't call him either..
"I have a lifeline telephone so I think that they are blocking national >calls. I'll try to call you, whats your number again?"
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