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We were set to trade racquets. We established a date to mail out racquets. After that established date, he has not returned a single email. Racquets were set to be mailedon Thursday August 2. Today is now Monday August 6. We agreed to use USPS priority, which takes 3 days max. I wouldn't post this normally but his lack of response indicates that something may be fishy. In addition, when I asked if he had any references, he got defensive and assumed the trade would be off. That, to me, seemed a little bit suspicious. Anyway, be careful with this guy. He may not be a scammer, but so far he appears to be with the deal I made with him.
What or who is ??? Can we only put their email adress in as names ?? I had a very bad or ripoff dealing with a email company in Florida just 2 weeks ago. and i like to warn all good people in this forum about it. Is there rule as to we cannot put their business names in the title and so on ??
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