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I was also negotiating to buy his K6-1 Tour. The negotiations were very shady. I basically had the deal for the racket made when all of sudden he states he has a second frame he wants to sell. I would have gone ahead and bought them but what sent the alarm off with me is his refusal to use PayPal and his insistence on a postal M.O. sent to him before shipping the rackets. When I told him I was not comfortable with that he calls off the deal. It seems to me what he wants is whatever the deal is he wants his half first. Good thing my spider senses were tinging because I would probably be on here complaining about how I got ripped off $269 by htzan15. I hope everybody knows not to send money orders first when making these types of deals. They are just as good as cash and buyers have no recourse once the seller receives and cashes it. PayPal is not perfect but it's probably the best way to do these things.
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