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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
It wouldn't bother me if he wrote and said, "I'm interested in your such-and-such rackets. Will you take $xxx for them?" But, if he says, "I'll buy them. Where can I send the money?", he's made a binding contract--legally and morally. If you have the emails, all you have to do is take him to small claims.
Haha good luck with that. It's binding legally yes, however realistically it's not going to happen. You want to waste more of your time with a simple racquet sale? He's an international buyer how are you going to solve this with small claims? Are you going to take the time to travel to his country and place a claim there? This doesn't make any logical sense unless you're selling some items on here for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Either way the best way to get around this is as someone mentioned, either not to hold anything for anyone or hold it for short periods of time. Never consider anything sold until you actually have the $.
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