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SWEDECHRIS stepped up to the plate and offered his apologies!

Here is my message to him:
You need to explain your situation up front in the first place rather than hit me up with emails, made and accepted offers without explaining your situation. If you are oversea, travelling or have limited email access - you need to mention it and not wait. It's causes confusion and mistrust - internet trade is consumated with trust, integrity and communication. There is no person to person meeting here, therefore your word is weighted like gold!

I have traded and sold racquets and other items between Europe and Asia and have not had any issue .... as long as you communicate. I normally am very flexilbe and will try to work with you.

Apology accepted! I'll try to undo the messages in TW and give you another break!
Hope you'll do betta the next go around ......

and 'Thanks' for stepping up to the plate!
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