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TW: You banned me without giving me a chance to tell you what happened. Someone got into my wifi connection(I didn't put up the encryption yet) and created a new email address. They then used my screen name and their yahoo id to did mess around. My wireless modem used the same ip to give to all the computers that were connected to it. We are not the same person.

Hondasteve: Some rackets were mailed to me but I'm not sure they're yours, please email me at

omktid: Please send a letter to the address of which you send your rackets too and they will be returned provided the recipient's cooperation.

TW again: There is a security leak in your system that actually give someone the ability to sign up for tons of screen name from the same computer and they would all have the diffrent ip and mac and system number, that makes it impossible for you to tell who is using more than 1 id. The fs/t section would be spammed with ads from non legitimate seller if the security whole is not fixed. I won't tell anyone else about it.

To everyone else who lost something, please email me at the address above since there is a high chance of this id being banned since I went against tw's wishes and created another id without their consent.

I loved this forum but I guess I have to move on. But before that I have to make things right here first. I hope you change your ways when banning someone. Give them a chance to explain what happened.
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