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Originally Posted by mytennis2007 View Post
TW: You banned me without giving me a chance to tell you what happened. Someone got into my wifi connection(I didn't put up the encryption yet) and created a new email address. They then used my screen name and their yahoo id to did mess around. My wireless modem used the same ip to give to all the computers that were connected to it. We are not the same person.

Hondasteve: Some rackets were mailed to me but I'm not sure they're yours, please email me at

omktid: Please send a letter to the address of which you send your rackets too and they will be returned provided the recipient's cooperation.

TW again: There is a security leak in your system that actually give someone the ability to sign up for tons of screen name from the same computer and they would all have the diffrent ip and mac and system number, that makes it impossible for you to tell who is using more than 1 id. The fs/t section would be spammed with ads from non legitimate seller if the security whole is not fixed. I won't tell anyone else about it.

To everyone else who lost something, please email me at the address above since there is a high chance of this id being banned since I went against tw's wishes and created another id without their consent.

I loved this forum but I guess I have to move on. But before that I have to make things right here first. I hope you change your ways when banning someone. Give them a chance to explain what happened.
I'm not "TW," but...

How do you know someone logged on to your wifi? You must be keeping logs of some sort. If you are intelligent enough to enable logging on your router, why not enable encryption at the same time? It just doesn't make sense.

I have received an e-mail that gives some evidence that htazn15 (presumably you) have been scheming a scam for quite some time, so the fact that you have a detailed story is fishy to me. Note: I could be completely wrong about this whole situation, but something about this scam screams extremely fishy to me. The fact that your IP address was assigned by the same location under the same provider AND the IP address is not the same is putting up red flags to me. Most people (assuming you have a similar set up) have a router which has a DNS server, which would mean your IP addresses would be the SAME if one were to indeed log onto your unprotected wifi. This doesn't add up to me.

AFAIK, the yahoo address you posted was also the one registered with.

Another thing that doesn't add up to me is:

Someone logged onto your wifi. OK, I can BELIEVE that much.
How the heck did they know your yahoo ID?

Basically, I read this as: You suspect a hacker with a packet sniffer intercepted your plain text screen name and abused it... or... one of your friends is the culprit. If this is the case, it's not anyone's fault but yours.

You have a direct connection (if not being the same person) as htazn.

To Hondasteve: I'm glad it seems you're getting your frames back. I am wondering/worried if flamekid is the same person as htazn. I also wonder if he were to use this sending frames randomly across the continent as a cover, and then sending frames to himself in the end and trying to keep them. If this IS the case, it sounds like we're close (thanks to good snooping around on honda steve's part) and the kid is getting scared. I do hope you pursue the suspect either way (by contacting local police in his area).

Response to "TW again:"
This isn't a security fault, per se. The same computer will have the same IP and same provider, and especially the same MAC unless the user were to browse via proxy and/or use a spoofer. I'm not sure where you're getting your information....

It isn't surefire, but there is ways of telling (relatively well) who is logging on using more than one ID, it's a bit of a pain in the butt, though. To be honest, the more I read this post, the more fishy it sounds to me.

For instance: why are you so interested in helping everyone else that has "lost" something? It seems to me that you have no vested interest in this situation besides being banned, and here you are ready to "move on" anyways...

If you do need to contact someone about being banned, there is a link at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

To all those who were scammed: feel free to contact this guy, but PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Something smells funny to me.

Note: I work in an IT department currently, and some of his story just isn't adding up.
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