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Default Babolat Warantee


Thank you for the interesting fine point. All I can say is I'm still getting warantee support and I'm in my 4th year with the Sensor, so as far as I am concerned 5 years is bumper to bumper.

Prince 3000: You and Warren Bosworth ought to get along fine. You both believe in firm shoulder and throat support. If you can string on it and the frame comes out with the same shape as it went in, then that is the goal we all seek. The gold test is to string a head prestige liquid metal or prestige mid classic in your machine of choice. If it comes out with minimal frame deformation, then that's the machine for you.

I have yet to string on the 3000 machines, so must differ to those with hands on experience.

Good Luck with your new machine,

Pro Tour Stringer
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