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Originally Posted by Thomas Bird-Itch View Post
I basically jumped 3 levels in about a year just by switching to a 2H BH. Consistency is very underrated.

Many posters on this board will encourage you to believe you're not a REAL player unless you use a 12oz stick and a 1H BH. That's simply not true. The "dark side" is being sucked into the myths that regularly circulate this board.
I've had one solid hitting session with my 2-hander, 2-hours or thereabouts last saturday (see thread link in my first post in this thread). It came as a result of exactly the same frustration as the OP was experiencing, and after over 20 years of tennis. I have a great slice, and a questionable 1HBH, and that shot is really starting to lag behind the rest of my game. I struggle, especially when players thump to my BH.

Consistency (from that side) is all I'm looking for, my FH will always be the weapon (although if the BH ever overtakes it I'll be outrageously happy with my game ).

As for the dark side, these boards are indeed hideously bad for promoting it.
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