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The last time I went to the Open I went the first two days. Each day I was at the ticket office between 6 and 6:30 AM, The ticket office opened at 7 AM. By 7 AM there was a long Line. I bought a grounds pass and it allows you everywhere except in Ashe and the lower section of Amstrong. After purchasing your ticket(s) go over to the Gate. It opens at 10AM( 1 hour before play starts) I basically had a three hour wait until the Gate opened. You want to get there early because when the gate opens there is a mass rush especially to get into the Grandstand to get the best seats. While waiting for those three hours to go by get yourself a schedule to see who is playing where and at what time. Plan your day by the schedule. I would go into the Grandstand first get front row sets and watch two matches or so, depending who was playing. After those matches, I went to the outside courts catch a few matches or parts of matches out there until early to mid afternoon, then I would end the day in Armstrong and/or back at the grandstand. Also while standing and waiting for the gates to open and in the ticket line as well, I had a good time talking with the other people from all over the country and the world, who were just as excited to be there, as you will be. The seating is open except for the lower section of Armstrong and Ashe. If that has changed somebody please correct me. Have Fun !
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