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First off, I would have never bought the Sensor if it only had a 1 year warranty. Way too much of an investment for a short lived warranty.

I've done about 600 frames so far with no problem except for the springs which Bablolat engineers are working on for a permanent fix. The present springs don't hold up well to the duty cycle. However, now that I've replaced a set of springs, it's not a big deal relative to the excellence of the machine.

I know of several stringers that would go to war before they'd give up their Star IIIs. I've never used one, but the problems with the mounts are something that I'm not aware of. I have never had a problem removing a frame from my Sensor and I do a lot of Head frames which have the reputation of being THE frame that will get stuck.

Maybe my machine is too new, but I haven't seen the fuse problem. I've heard of those problems from no less than the Professor, but it hasn't happened to my machine. Albert's machine is 3+ years old...mine is 4 months old. Perhaps there has been a tweek or two that have eased this problem since Albert's machine was built.

At any rate, had I had the chance to do it over again, it would still be the Sensor. It fits for me and I really enjoy it.

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