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Originally Posted by ionutzakis View Post
One think, you can forget ripping DTL backhands.
DTL backhand is one of my more deadly shots, I probably hit double the amout of DTLBH winners as I do crosscourt.

Originally Posted by ionutzakis View Post
let's get real, 2HNH DTL don't compare with a 1H DTL, plus you can't disguise it like you do with a 1H
Actually in my playing experience, I find it very very rare for a one hander to be able to regularly burn me down the line, especially if I am taking it to them hard crosscourt. If I am either pounding them with ISOFH or CCBH in a rally, I can cheat to the BH side and look for something I can take down the line with an Inside-In FH or DTL BH. Whereas with the better 2hbh players they can take that ball straight down the line compared to the one handers who hit it off the line towards the middle of the court (Not counting the errors for being late and putting in in the dubs alley).

Then again Tommy Haas doesn't play in local open tourneys here, so not saying it can't be done, just saying I rarely fear it from open level players.

If it matters I hit very heavy topspin and pace, which is also more difficult to change direction on.

As far as disguise...I really dunno what you are talking about there, I think it is very easy for a two hander to disguise his shots. (Unless you are talking about disguising slice vs. top, because I am talking about crosscourt vs. DTL.)

To the OP please read post #145 in my stroke inventory, I put some good info in there.

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