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Albert and David,

Thanks for your very well informed comments. I am pleased to learn that the Babolat Sensor is warrantied in the United States for five years, including the electronics, as you have called to my attention.

The Babolat Sensor brochure that I picked up at the USPTA International Conference in La Quinta, California in September last year led me to believe that the warranty was only one year. What I found out from Ken Farris, a Babolat technician, is that the brocure I got is an international one. Indeed the address on it is for a location in France, I noticed yesterday. He advised me that in order to be competative in the United States, Babolat extended the warranty to five years here. My guess is that it was built into the $5200. price the machine sells for in our country,

I am glad for both of you that the warranty is for five years here. I have noticed, Albert, that you have exchanged the rack, or tension head, on your machine a few times, and have had issues with springs and fuses. I hope, David, that with a more recently manufactured machine, you may have fewer problems.

As I have mentioned previously, I appreciate that the Sensor is a highly regarded machine. It is good to hear that you are enjoying using it, and that you would get one again, if you were to make the choice now.

However, you are both stringing professionally, many hours a day. It may well be worth $5200. to you for the Sensor. For myself, a retired educator, teaching tennis about ten hours a week, mostly to players on high school teams, and planning to string only a few racquets a month, I feel that the Prince 3000 is an amazingly good machine for $2995. In fact, in my review of many posts on two boards on stringing machines, and my own checking with people using the Prince 3000, I have heard of very few problems with the machine. And the few problelms I heard about seem to have been corrected after the first run of machines were manufactured.

The Prince 3000 has several features not found on the Sensor, and the Sensor has unique features. But something that impressed me is that on an independent test by a guy who was complaning about the poor RDC stringbed deflection results on his Gamma 8500 els, he noted very good scores by the Sensor and the Prince 3000, with the Prince 3000 being one point better than the Sensor.

I am kind of reminded of the French automobiles that were sold for some years in America. People here got tired of them breaking down, stopped buying them, and the French manufacturers stopped selling them here. Since Babolat does make very good strings, I hope that their stringing machines fare better here than the French cars did. But I'm not ready to put up $5200. to find out.
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