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Dont do that stuff Printer. Your just asking for timing problems. I sent you an instructional video of how to hit Roddicks forehand, note the position of the wrist - it is laid back and fixed throughout the swing.

I was just watching Roddick play, when he swings in real-time, he has such a fast swing speed that it "looks" like he is a bit loose with his wrist. He is not when you slow it down.

He brings that elbow forward, and his shoulders and upper arm rotate the racquet smack into the ball. When he relaxes after the shot, his swing looks like it wipes over to the other side - it does but it is an after effect of incredible racquet head speed - it is not the "show". The "show" is happening within two feet of impact.

Stick to what I showed you, you will have a very powerful forehand if you stick to it. Most importantly, it will be dependable.

The more you can reduce the wrist action in your shot the better. It does not mean no wrist is used. The wrist is fixed but yet somewhat elastic, to allow natural movement and acts as a shock absorber. But you are not "hitting" the ball with your wrist nor timing your wrist action to hit the ball. The wrist plays a support role not a lead role in your stroke.

Your asking for trouble not only in your timing but also with injuries in the wrist area.
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