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Originally Posted by xtremerunnerars View Post
It doesn't surprise me to see any of the pros using this stuff because of the kind of stress they go through. I've seen a ton of pros using it in their warmup.

Funny story with cincy.

Joker was getting warmed up for his tuesday practice session and was using this stuff and the stretchy bands. After a while, he was warming up his shoulders and had the stuff anchored behind him when he pulled it forward, akin to a pelvic thrust basically. Some girl made a cat call from the crowd and he looked over and smiled while laughing a little.

Pretty funny stuff!

Excellent point about warming up, and warming up both shoulders would be appropriate escpecially since he has a two handed backhand. This wouldn't be rehab or strength building with green bands. LOL! If he needed those bands for rehab he should be at home resting. And as strong as he is he could be using at least 10 lb weights for rotator cuff work. I do my rotator cuff work with 20 lb weights x 20. Usually 3 sets.

But, this is just my opinion, which is usually wrong.

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