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Originally Posted by Starlite View Post
Oh please, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I have a crush on every player I follow.

Anyways I have dirt on you:

And you probably thought I forgot about that too!
That was uncalled for! Not cool. Totally not cool!

Anyway, how in the world did you manage to find that little post I made ages ago? You must have been browsing through TW threads all night long trying to find that! I see you're pretty good at dirt-digging, eh eh? Well, let me tell you that I'm pretty good at 'Whack-a-mole.' Ok, that was a lame joke.

In my defense, let me tell you that I just said you 'might' have a little crush on mr. gulbis because you were like "Ahh, for the love of God, get some pics of him whilst in NY!!" I mean, with that much interest, who wouldn't suspect that, ya know?
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