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I just got a new racquet with a size smaller grip. I usually play L4, but this was an L3. Here's what I got out of it, in bullet form, as I am quite fond of bullets:

- spin groundies felt easier to hit, and with more power, while flat felt harder
- volleys were less stable and maneuverable, with less of that solid feel, but I hit them with more punch
- not sure if serves improved, but it sure felt easier to hit and place them
- despite everything, I think the L3 feels like more of an extension of my arm than the L4

I haven't went at it with my harder hitting friends, but I have a feeling that I'm switching to L3 for my main grip size. I sacrifice some things at net, but groundies are a bit more dirty, and serves are easier.

Thanks for listening and I'm welcome to any thoughts,
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