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Originally Posted by Hawaii 5.0
If you want durability and comfort(verus the Speeds with synthetic upers)I'd go with the Axiom's (leather uppers)and if you want performance I'd go with the XPoints(light,supportive,low to the ground,breathable and good looking).As far as appearel Fila makes great warm ups,while I still prefer Nike tops and assorted other clothes I think Babolat is good for racquet accessories.
So i got a pair of the Axiom's. They're light and comfy EXCEPT for the TONGUE area. the last hole where the lace goes, that area isn't really protected by the tongue and it rubs against my foot (i wear 2 pairs of socks). They need a wider tongue.

Got a shirt too, man it's COMFY Very light and doesn't cling to my body.
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