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I watched that match on live TV. Pete was pis sed!!!! F this/F that. Most of his "tantrum" was edited out on that video. The word tantrum doesn't really apply to Sampras. He let the ump have it for a few minutes from his chair. The only time I ever saw him get really angry.

The replay showed Rafter's serve was on the line. Pete was mad because the chair ump overuled on match point on a close call. But the ump had a great look at it and the ball was in. Sorry Pete. It isn't the chair ump's fault that the linesman (or lineswoman) blew the call. It was a clean ace.

I saw Pete yell at a ball kid once because the kid didn't go get his damper when it flew off after a serve. That was during the time Pete only used one damper and would move it from frame to frame when he changed racquets. I guess it was his lucky damper or something.

I also remember there was a commercial in which Johnny Mac was trying to teach Pete how to act up, yell and throw things. I think it was a Pizza Hut ad and Pete's line was "I'm kind of dull."

Man, I miss watching those two guys play.

And Pat and Cliffie have aged ALOT in 9 years.

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