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Originally Posted by ShcMad View Post
That was uncalled for! Not cool. Totally not cool!

Anyway, how in the world did you manage to find that little post I made ages ago? You must have been browsing through TW threads all night long trying to find that! I see you're pretty good at dirt-digging, eh eh? Well, let me tell you that I'm pretty good at 'Whack-a-mole.' Ok, that was a lame joke.

In my defense, let me tell you that I just said you 'might' have a little crush on mr. gulbis because you were like "Ahh, for the love of God, get some pics of him whilst in NY!!" I mean, with that much interest, who wouldn't suspect that, ya know?
Originally Posted by Starlite View Post
Haha, you’re a good sport. I know more than a few people give you crap about liking Marat. It’s all in jest, my dear.

Well, I pretty much stalk you so it didn’t take that long…kidding, it took forever! I remember you posted something funny in the Ladies only thread, and so I stopped and wondered to myself “what topic would ShcMad have posted about in this thread?” and lo and behold on January 27th 2007 this little gem appeared.

Bad jokes are the best kind, and I hear ‘wack-a-mole’ is a great way to practice overheads.

Topaz and Sup2Dresq had never heard of heard of him, so I gave them the run down, but wow, you make it seem like I was manic over Sup taking pictures! Here's what I said:

Anyways, it's understandable, people get silly crushes on tennis players every now and then, myself included, and there are worse things to be accused of. Mr. Gulbis is not bad looking, but he does look to be about 14, and you and I both know he's not quite up to Marat's standard.
hahaha shcmad you suck at whack a mole. i know because we have played tennis together. and we all know how much you adore you-know-who. serious though Starlite you totally stalked shcmad to find that post. besides, who are you calling Gulbis 14? you are just a freshman, waiting to gain the 15 :P
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