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Originally Posted by QuietDaze View Post
I have a decent forehand, it's pretty much the only stroke I have that is fairly consistent and that I can direct pretty good. However, I seem to be much better on the run than when I have time to set it up. When I say 'better' I mean I can hit different angles, corners and it's faster. Is that normal?
When you say hitting on the run I'm assuming this is because your opponent hit the ball opposite of where you are which either forces you to be on the corner or pulled wide. If this is the case, it is not very surprising that you are able to hit different angles or corners. It is easier to hit an angled shot when you have an angle to work with. If you are on the corners or pulled wide off the court, you will have more angles to work with compared to when you are in the middle of the baseline.

As for hitting a faster paced ball, it could be because of two things. First, if you cut the angle of the ball coming towards you, you can only do this by going diagonally towards the ball as opposed to sideways. This pretty much forces you to step into the shot. The other thing is you maybe hitting the shot flatter than your normal shot because when stretched wide the racket face has a tendency to be more closed when you hit with your normal shot.
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