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Originally Posted by snowslider View Post
What do I need to do to join this illustrious group of mid-atlantic tennis players? Sacrifice a goat? Bark at the moon and post the vid on youtube? Slap a nun? What is the initiation rite?

I used to play quite a lot and even spent summers teaching at Four Star Tennis Academy. It's probably been 20 years since I've played competitively though, so I have no idea what my NTRP rating would be. The US Open has me itching to get back into the game.
How often do you guys meet up to play? How old are you all (at 41 don't mind being the old fart, but just wondering)?
Four that run at 4 Seasons?

I think people generally just meet up randomly, though it has been kind of quiet lately. Some people are going 'back to school', but there are plenty of us left!
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