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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
sounds like someone has a crush
See post #1011.

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
hahaha shcmad you suck at whack a mole. i know because we have played tennis together. and we all know how much you adore you-know-who. serious though Starlite you totally stalked shcmad to find that post. besides, who are you calling Gulbis 14? you are just a freshman, waiting to gain the 15
LOL, that's true I just mean he looks like he still has some baby fat around the face. Oh, and the freshman 15 ain't happening to me. Playing tennis + eating healthy + not drinking beer = same weight, sitting around + partying every night = freshman 15. Sorry you live in a crack house, by the way.

Originally Posted by snowslider View Post
What do I need to do to join this illustrious group of mid-atlantic tennis players? Sacrifice a goat? Bark at the moon and post the vid on youtube? Slap a nun? What is the initiation rite?
All of the above. The goat and the nun I was cool with but I draw the line at video...

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