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Went home and finally watched a match I recorded and yes, when I'm stationary I am flatfooted and crunched most of the time. It still had pretty good pace and spin (that's new so my spin isn't all that great). But when I was running I look much smoother. I'm sure the ball has a little more pace because I LOVE to hit flat. Also noticed which I hadn't before is that if I just have to move to the ball, I get too close. Like, if I don't have to run for it, just kind of shuffle over or move forward or backward a little, I get right on top of it. I can still hit it, and it's a 'decent' shot, but not good like when I'm running. So, I think my footwork is DEFINITELY a problem as many of you have pointed out. Because I'm pretty fast, I never thought about footwork separate from 'getting to the ball'.

Thanks ya'll! Maybe one day when I don't think I look fat (I'm a girl you know) I'll post up some video for a real critique.
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