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Default EE Grip & Racquet Head Speed

Ok, so my forehand has been off latley, don't know why, because a few days ago, it worked great. [Maybe because it was practice] Well, I lost a few matches today because my forehand was off, and it had no pace [it doesn't usually have pace anyway], would go long or in the net.

During the games, I noticed some techincal errors/things I could improve on that I will focus on when I practice soon:
-my footwork was bad
-I waited for the ball too long, not hitting on the rise [still hard for me to do]
-offcenter hits due to bad footwork
-not enough racquet head speed
-sometimes I wanted to drive straight through on shoulder high balls, but it seemed as if I hit high to low?

I have an Extreme Eastern grip and I know if I want more pace and I want to keep it in especially with this grip, I need more topspin, and to do that I need more racquet head speed.

Im short for my age [kinda], my parents aren't tall. I'm about 5'3" and I weigh 118. I know weight has something to do with the power you produce because when you move into the ball, you shift your body weight around? Or am I incorrect, anyway, technique and racquet head speed I think prove more.

I want to learn how to:
-hit more topspin, pace, by increasing racquet head speed.
-Have a more fluid backswing and stroke overall, this is also requires good footwork.
-I tend to prepare either too early or too late. I hit with soft hitters mostly, so I my takeback is slower because I have more time and my footwork is bad, and when I hit with hard hitters I'm off balance because I'm used to soft balls.

OVERALL I need more racquet head speed.

Good things I have about my forehand:
-I try to go shoulder to shoulder
-wrist laid back
-loose arm, grip
-I try to do low to high

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