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hello... I have a one handed backhand, thats the first bh i used and kept with it for a year and a half. After not getting pace, and lots of dificulty on the high balls, i decided to switch to a 2 hander. it was going great actually. I tried many combinations of grips, and finally decided to get a combo of semi western in the left hand and continental in the right. i am right handed. i started building confidence, and paace, and lots of top spin. and one magical day, i tried again my 1 handed backhand against a weak opponent. with all the work i made with the 2hander, the 1 handed backhand got a lot more fluent. I think it helped me correct all the foot work, and gave me a good sense for hitting from the weak side of the body. My brain was rewired and all the misstrust in the backhand side dissapeared. Now my 1 hander is my best stroke. I was training 8 hours a week in that period of time, about one year ago. ONE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT everything you learn will create conections in your brain that will help developement. Here i learned to calculate the ball from that side, and how the racket works. And also, you have to take one less step to reach the ball with a one hander, wich translates in one step less to recover, that is 2 steps, and in a rally of 10 strokes, means 20 steps less, much less energy used that can be directed somehow else.
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