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Still play testing them.... I play regularly with the yonex 305. The yonex offers a very cushioned ride and support, I rotate between three pairs. The first night with the bI felt great. I also been trying the superfeet orange insole with them. However, I'm getting pain in my left knee and cannot determine if it is the superfeet or the bI causing the problem. Never had a problem with the yonex for over 1 1/2 years.

The Bi are very supportive and don;t pinch my ankle like the 305's. The BI are light weight and I can really move across the court very fluidly. Traction is better than the yonex.

I think, I will be resting a couple of days and try to determine whether the superfeet insole or the addidas is causing the pain.

If I had to guess, it is the insert. I am 5' 10 and 195 lbs with flat wide feet. I overpronate.
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