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Originally Posted by marym1 View Post
You can get a bunch of the Lacoste sport stuff on their website and even get free shipping on any purchase with code SEPTFREE through 9/16 (I just got an email from them!)
Good find. I like the Lacoste stuff cause everyone and their mom wears Nike.

IMO cotton is more comfortable than polyester. 'Climacool', 'Dri-Fit', etc.. are all just marketing names for polyester. Polyesters don't breathe and makes you sweat more. 'Dri-Fit' and similar variants are just polyester fabrics which are knitted in a way to allow little mesh-like holes in the fabric because polyesters don't breathe. On the plus side it dries faster than cotton. Not because of any special technology - polyester is a plastic and it doesn't absorb water like cotton does.

Because Lacoste is a French company it might be licensed and distributed in the US. The regular collection is probably the same as its French counterpart but the classic polos are probably licensed.

And because Lacoste is more like a fashion brand a la 'Polo' they don't have distribution through sports retail like Nike or Adidas.
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