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Originally Posted by Marius_Hancu
Well let's see this where this will be leading to, how much money will get to juniors and how much to bureaucrats.

For the time being, they've just shut down the best international junior tournament Canada has had, in Repentigny. Nautilus getting off the tennis business.
That's exactly it Marius. I almost posted, but my thoughts on Tennis Canada...I cannot even bear to start. But yes, things are worse than they have been in the past, funding for more grassroots and juniors has been promised for a LONG time....but then it get's funneled off for new stadiums etc.....apparently having homegrown canadian pros is not much of a priority. Not to mention..that compared to Western Canada you easterners are living in tennis paradise....we ain't got nothin out here...which is why we still often send our best juniors down to the choice.

I will be happy when the situation ACTUALLY changes significantly.

We have had some fine talent and currently have some excellent world class juniors here in the west...but it's tough for them.
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