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I've used the Barricade 2, 3, and 4's in the past. After reading about the Barricade 1's, TW reviews section, it was dead-on accurate. Shoes are definately lighter and a tad bit more comfortable than the Barricade IV's. However, these two pros are not enough to make up for the cons.

1. My biggest complaint is that the tongue of the shoes keeps on slipping outwards to a point where it is completely to one side. This creates an uncomfortable pinching sensation. I have to reset the tongue by untying the shoe laces on every other change over. [pics to come]
2. As mentioned in the reviews, these shoes have a lower arch support than the Barricade IV's. For those that do not need the high arch support, these shoes may be suitable for you.
3. These shoes do not have the same "glove fit" like the Barricade IV's. As far as fitment goes, the IV's fit the best, then the II's, III's and I's (last). On quick turns and sprints, I feel these shoes slipping around my feet.
4. Stability - The shoes seem to a higher center of gravity when compared to the Barricade IV's. The turns are not as quick as the IV's.

As far as durability is concerned, these shoes do hold up quite well. I have yet to see any signs of wear.
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